Versatile and Tough!


Van's gun blue is a cold bluing solution that truly etches into steel. This means that when you blue with Van's you aren't simply applying a decorative topcoat or paint to the steel surface. Instead, the chemical oxidation that takes place penetrates the steel surface to provide a durable finish (roughly half the depth of a hot blue).

While people naturally think of touching up and re-bluing firearms when the think of Van's Gun Blue (thanks to the name), this is just one of many uses for this versatile product.  In the 70+ years since it was created, the uses for Van's Gun Blue are too numerous to mention.  In the early years we distributed primarily to printing press shops and tool and die manufacturing industries. Once Van's Blue got into the hands of gunsmith's and especially private gun owners, it wasn't long before experimentation gave way to the virtually endless uses for this versatile cold bluing.  Today, metal fabrication companies, hobbyists, blacksmiths, antique collectors, set designers, custom motorcycle and car shops and of course firearm enthusiasts all rely on Van's Gun Blue to meet their project expectations! 

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Jim Vos