The Man Behind the Van's
Thanks to Great Grandpa Van Gorden, our family has been making and distributing Van's Instant Gun Blue for the past four generations!  C.S. Van Gorden was a prolific inventor. He built his own radio station in Eau Claire Wisconsin, was a pioneer in the prefabricated housing market and was also the craftsman and creative force behind Chippewa Boats.  In the mid 1940's he began honing the chemical process for oxidizing steel and it wasn't long before Van's Instant Gun Blue was born.

Originally, Van's was used widely in printing press and tool and die applications, but it soon took hold as a means of restoring and beautifying firearms of all kinds.  Today, our service has expanded to an amazing variety of clients including: commercial metal fabricators, blacksmiths, architects, motion picture set designers, and hobbyists.  Still, at the core of this group are the gunsmiths and private gun owners who rely on Van's Instant Gun Blue to keep their firearms looking great year after year! 

Our family takes pride in our customer service and we enjoy talking with people about their specific projects. Please don't hesitate to give us a call or email if you have questions. 

Thank You!

Jim V.